Staying Busy

I feel as if I’ve written about staying busy a million times before. But guess what? I picked up a new client. Success does not come from sitting down, sitting still, and waiting. Success comes from working hard, working diligently, and putting buckets out preparing to catch the rain.

Casey Neistat has been a big motivator for me these last few months. “Do what you can’t”. What does that mean? It means doing what you can’t. Defying the odds, taking what people say you can’t do, and doing them. “You can’t be a famous chef.” “You can’t win the race.” “You can’t make a million dollars.” Ignore the can’ts and do it. Because you can do it. You can do the crap out of it. Screw anyone who says you can’t do something. There is not failure in trying, there is only failure in not trying. So what’s the harm? Do it. Do everything they said you can’t do. hhh


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