I’m exhausted – I haven’t been sleeping – My body is in full meltdown mode – I’m freezing – I’m burning up – I’m throwing up – I’m coughing – I’m sneezing – My nose is bleeding…

Tomorrow morning I have surgery for a tumor/cyst found on my thyroid. But it’s not your everyday run of the mill surgery. Either in the womb, or at a very young age, my thyroid didn’t develop properly. It split in half, one half is up near my jaw/tongue, and the other half is where it is supposed to be.

The half that is up near my tongue is connected to hyoid bone, and it is now an enlarged ticked off thyroglossal duct cyst. Rarely seen in adults, and my surgeons have only seen it three times.

So this thing that has been growing inside of me for the last twenty-four years has finally decided to present itself. For the past month it has been increasingly more difficult to swallow even saliva, and I found this large golf ball sized painful lump on my throat/neck.

I’m praying it will solve some major issues I’ve been dealing with most of my life. Every single morning since Kindergarten I wake up and throw up, I’m either freezing cold or burning hot, my joints hurt, I can gain weight super easily to the point where I’m pretty sure that’s my super power, and I’m always exhausted and could sleep all the time. The doctors cannot figure out the throwing up thing. They’ve even taken out my gallbladder thinking that would solve it and it didn’t. And they blame my autoimmune disease for the chronic fatigue and everything else.

Here’s to hoping and praying this surgery solves some issues that make life not so easy. I’m also terrified of having my throat cut open. As I’m sure anyone would be terrified of.


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