“Oh, I did my time.”

Coming from the culinary industry I’ve seen chefs who will work in the dirtiest of dish rooms without hesitating, and I’ve seen prep cooks shrug their shoulders at a tower of dirty pots and say, “Oh, I did my time.” When there is a need, that need should be met no matter if you’ve done your time. No matter if you’re the president of the company, a director of some kind, or low on the totem pole. A need is a need is a need.

There is no such thing as doing your time. If you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and work because you’ve done your time, I feel really sorry for you. That’s a really sad mindset to be in. To think you’re better than the dishwasher because for a few months when you first started in the industry you were in the dish room and did your time. To think you’re better than serving in the church because you did your time as a preschool teacher twenty years ago, or you held a few babies and now you’re above that, it’s just sad.

My reactions to these type of people has been to bite my tongue and just deal with it. Lately dealing with it has been building up inside of me and making my heart turn ugly and cold. It’s festering. My anger towards these people is festering and it’s making me look bad because I’m not reacting how I should be reacting. It’s so easy to lower myself and meet their passive aggressiveness when I should be praying for guidance, strength, a soft heart, and patience.

Maybe those who are so easy to sit down and say “I did my time.” just don’t realize that as humans we need to work together as a team, and it’s all a level playing field. You are never above cleaning toilets or making coffee, and the moment you think that you are is the moment people will stop respecting you.

Let’s work together to abolish the “oh, I did my time” thought process.

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