Hurt People Hurt People

How do you deal with the people who aren’t just difficult to you but are also hurting those closest to you? Hearing that someone I’ve been having frustrating issues with is also hurting someone else, that really gets to me. I have to take a step back and talk myself out of blowing up and going all Rambo on that person. Reacting that way would solve absolutely nothing.

Hurt people hurt people. It’s hard to give the benefit of the doubt when you’re repeatedly being hurt by someone. And then you see or hear that they’re hurting someone you love and you just want to hurt them and bathe in the retribution. But we’re not supposed to take these matters into our own hands. It’s not our job to seek retribution, to seek an eye for an eye. It’s our job to take a step back, forgive, pray, and let God do His job.

It’s super easy for me to tell my youth group girls that life is filled with difficult people who seem to have the intention of hurting others, but you gotta be the person to forgive. You gotta be the person to not take it personally. You gotta be the person to give it to God. It’s hard to be that person. It’s hard to react with love, grace, and forgiveness. It’s hard to follow that advice.

My immediate reaction is to put on the brass knuckles and evenly distribute the pain how the pain has been dealt to me or my loved ones. It feels natural to stoop to the level of passive aggressive manipulative hurt that has been hurting us. It’s so easy to take the low road. Being a bully is easy. It’s easy because this world is overflowing with bullies. The news is filled with them. Our schools are filled with them. The roads are filled with them. Churches are filled with them too.

To not be a bully, to be filled with His grace, forgiveness, and love is the reaction we should all be striving for. Hurt people hurt people, so let’s love them and forgive them. We don’t know what’s going on. We just see their reactions. And sometimes they’re not even hurt, sometimes they’re just cruel maniacal people who enjoy being manipulative and hurtful….they need love and forgiveness too. As difficult as that may be, our reactions need to be filled with love and grace. Easier said than done.

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