Above & Beyond

“I don’t get paid to do that.” “That’s not my job.” “Why do I have to do it? Can’t someone else?”

When you work for any company/firm as support staff, administrative assistant, administrative professional, gate keeper, hub, go-to gal, whatever you want to call it…you wear many hats and those above phrases should not be in your vocabulary. Not ever.

Your job is to make everyone’s job easier and keep everything running smoothly, to take on new roles with enthusiasm, to say yes absolutely instead of that’s not my job. My official title is payroll processor but while I am still learning that, the number one role I am in is support staff. And I love it. I am learning so much. My coworkers and supervisors aren’t afraid to show me new things because I jump at the exciting challenge to grow in my position. I want to learn the ins and outs of writing press releases, engaging in committee meetings, learning all of the forms that have numbers for a name, proofreading legal documents, researching anything that is asked of me, I love it. I love everything about it. At the end of the day I look over my jam packed to do lists and desk covered in sticky notes (organized sticky notes of course) and I feel accomplished.

I embrace growth and soak up any new knowledge that is thrown at me. It’s my job. My job isn’t just answering my phone, talking with clients, data entry, or sending faxes. My job is to be the hostess with the mostest, the tax form scanner and assembler, the schedule holder, the gate keeper, and so much more. My job is to be available. To learn everything I can. And to never say no. When you realize your own potential is practically limitless the word no is just never in the forefront of your brain.

My life motto is, “I strive to be the Leslie Knope of everything I do.” Leslie Knope is a go-getter, Leslie Knope is a woman who wears all of the hats, Leslie Knope never says no, Leslie Knope is a loyal friend, Leslie Knope looks out for everyone around her, Leslie Knope is the person to be, Leslie Knope doesn’t care when she doesn’t get credit for something, Leslie Knope doesn’t care when a task she is doing isn’t in her job description, and most of all Leslie Knope nails every single thing she puts her mind to. How are you going to be Leslie Knope today?

Go after every single thing you do with intense enthusiasm and gratitude. Be grateful for the opportunities that present themselves to you and the ones you have to run after. Life is too short to shove yourself into a box and limit your potential.

*end soap box rant*

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