You’re Never Done Learning

About a month ago I decided to return to college, I figured 5 years of college wasn’t enough! Ha! I decided on the University of Pennsylvania because saving money is totally overrated and if I am going to be in student loan debt for the rest of my life I might as well go to an Ivy League school! *begins to hyperventilate*

I am taking their online accelerated learning classes. Which means I have peer review projects, forums with my fellow classmates and professors, readings, quizzes, final exams, blah blah blah, all on my own schedule. Okay, well technically not on my own schedule. It just means I can choose to go as fast as I want as long as I get all of my homework, assignments, peer review projects, and tests in by the due dates on the syllabus. So far it is working spectacularly. I may have sped through my first class and finished an entire 16 week course in the matter of 2 weeks and I may have only received an 84 because of that….but it’s okay! Because I learned it’s okay to take it slower!

I am now onto my second class which is right up my alley, social media marketing. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. It’s difficult. I just handed in my first peer reviewed project of the class and it was non stop researching and writing for 3+ hours without looking up from my laptop. I think my fingers are going to fall off. I have about 10 hours of homework and reading to get done later but I’ll do that later 🙂

Long story short it’s okay to keep learning. You’re never done learning. Ever. I just found out I can take CPE’s (continuing professional education credits) for my job and I am so excited! I love learning! I love studying and reading and absorbing knowledge. It’s fantastic and I am so excited for the opportunities ahead of me.



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