Last August I was hit by a speeding texting driver in a truck going over 60MPH that made no attempt to slow down. The police (and my car genius brother) said it was due to a safety bar in my Ford that saved me. That if it wasn’t for the bar I would be dead. I choose to believe my angels were protecting me. 5 star safety rating or not.

I’ve been through a few things in life where instead of getting better I got bitter. Instead of having gratitude I allowed each situation to build up anger inside of me. Breaking my spine, GI issues, knee surgery, watching my dad battle cancer, thyroid surgery, PFRF that I convinced myself ruined my life, what my mom is dealing with right now, and countless other trials. Each time God protected my family and I. And each time I repaid Him with anger and frustration and an ever growing chip on my shoulder. I know I should be rejoicing with thanksgiving that He let me walk away from that accident. I feel ashamed that I survived and lack gratitude for it.

I walked away from my accident with bashed up knees, cuts in my mouth, minor arm lacerations, bruised ribs, bruised hips, a concussion, and what the doctors diagnosed as PTSD. That’s it. It could have been a billion times worse. And I got pissed off at God for it.

2018 didn’t start out to great for me with my thyroid surgery, but this year is ending in an amazing way I didn’t see coming 🙂 I hope it does for you too.

Shout out to my former boss for capturing the above photo.

My former nanny kid gave this to me after my accident. I miss her lots 🙂

My mom and I went to the tow place to pick up everything I left in my car. And everything in that Focus was electric. Even though the windows were totally gone the button for the trunk wouldn’t work – duh. So I first asked the jerk* in the office to hook my battery up so I could use my key and the buttons. My mom and I were tired of waiting for him so we hooked the battery up ourselves. HE WALKS OUT WITH A JUMP STARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO HOOK UP A BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKJhfLIHGFLIHJF. He was then amazed that us women could manage to do that without a jump.  That’s just my cute little story from that nightmare of a day.

*Think something stronger than jerk.



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